Wood Dry Kilns

When you install Wellons FEI wood dry kilns in your facility you are doing business with a company that has been designing and making wood dry kilns for over 25 years.  You benefit from the experience and know-how of an industry leader with the engineering capabilities and expertise that make it possible to provide you with the highest quality products.  Wood dry kilns from Wellons FEI have the enviable reputation for being practical, safe, efficient and durable.

Your wood dry kiln is especially designed for durability.  Due to the corrosive environment of a dry kiln, all of the components used inside the kilns are made of aluminum or stainless steel. In addition, the coils are made of stainless steel with extruded aluminum fins for a superior thermal exchange. Fans are completely reversible; we can also install the fan motors inside or outside the wood dry kiln depending on your specifications.
High Performance Softwood Dry Kilns:
• Track loaded kilns
• Single or double track
• Single or double air pass
• Medium or high temperature

High Performance Hardwood Dry Kilns:
•  Side loading kilns
• Capacity of up to five packages deep

Ventilation system and motors:
• 100% reversible fans
• Up to 1,200 ft. /min exit air velocity
• High performance in kiln or external motors
• Aluminum or brush-type air baffle

Heating coils and humidity control:
• Stainless steel heating coils with extruded integral aluminum fins
• 100% modulating control valves with available multi-zone temperature control
• Natural venting or forced draft venting
• Wood conditioning either by steam or water
Wood Dry Kiln Controls 
Wood dry kiln control systems developed by Wellons FEI are custom built, flexible, and totally adapted to your needs.  Time, temperature drop across the load (TDAL), wood moisture probes or a TCS system (True Capacitance Moisture Meter) are Windows-compatible PLC based control systems you can select for your wood dry kiln. Wood dry kiln control features include:

• Reports, charts and graphics for every parameter being controlled
• Alarms, energy and inventory monitoring
• Local or remote supervision through modem connection
• Variable frequency drive available