Wood Burning/Fired Boiler

Wellons FEI has a number of wood burning boilers for you to choose from.  Each boiler is specifically engineered for your application, rigorously tested and fully ASME compliant.  Pressure and unit size are the two major factors that guide us in the selection and design of your wood burning boilers.  Wellons FEI’s wood chip boilers can be water tube, fire tube, or a hybrid combining both.  The fire tube units are competitively priced and do just fine in smaller sized boilers that require low to medium pressures.  For the larger units with higher pressures, a water tube style boiler is the preferred choice.

Designing your Wellons FEI Wood fired boiler

When we design your wood fired boiler our engineers guarantee that there is an ample gas passage or large diameter fire tubes to accommodate the extra gas volumes generated by a wood fired boiler.  This is just one of the many important variables that Wellons FEI takes into account when designing your wood fired boiler system.  Pressure drop across the boiler tube bank is also another reason why these passages have to be adequately sized.  Small passages can lead to excessive pressure drop and energy consumption of the induced draft fan. 

Each wood fired boiler is custom built for you so that the connections and the instrumentation are easily accessible.  Every unit comes with all of the paper work and certifications for the Province or State in which your equipment is to be installed. Whether its hot water for a district heating system, low pressure steam for space heating or high pressure steam for a co-generation application, Wellons FEI has the wood burning boilers you are looking for.