Wellons FEI builds and services its own software programs that control their kilns and combustion systems.  All of our control systems are built in house by our own programming engineers; simply put when you call for service at Wellons FEI you will talk directly to a Wellons employee rather than being transferred to a third party programming firm.

Wellons FEI uses Allen Bradley Compact Logix and Control Logix series PLC.  User interfaces are built on a PC using various HMI development softwares.  Control systems developed by WELLONS FEI are custom built, flexible and adapted to each customer’s needs.  The following features are standard in a Wellons FEI HMI:

  • Reports, charts and graphics for every parameter being controlled
  • Alarms, energy use monitoring
  • Local or remote supervision through modem connection
  • Modulating controls using PID loops

Kiln Controls

For each kiln you can chose from four different control methods:

  • Time
  • Temperature drop across the load (TDAL)
  • Wood moisture probes
  • “TCS system’’ True Capacitance Moisture Meter System

 Combustion controls

  • Variable frequency drive on all fans
  • Combustion is controlled by a PLC
  • O2 sensor controlling fuel input of the unit
  • Opacity monitoring