Matériaux Blanchet

In 2005 Matériaux Blanchet installed two Wellons FEI 600 hp bark fired energy systems.  The sawmill uses the 2 boilers to heat the mill and send steam to their dry kiln operation.  Operating pressure of the 2 boilers is 150 psi.  Bark from the mill is conveyed directly to a disk screen were the material is classified.  The larger pieces get sent to a near by co-gen were they can hog the large size particles.  The finer material gets conveyed directly to a Wellons FEI 12 rake walking floor unloader that in turn feeds the 2 boilers.  From the FEI storage bin, the bark gets conveyed into the combustion chamber were it combusts and produces the energy needed to generate the steam.  After the material is completely combusted the ash gets automatically extracted from the combustion chamber.  A Wellons FEI wet ash conveyor system was also supplied in order to bring all of the ash leaving the system into one common bin.  Having the wet ash system saves a lot of headaches when it comes time to send the ash to the land fill.  There is no chance of the ash setting fire to it because they have had a chance to extinguish themselves in the wet ash conveyor.