Fuel Bins and Conveying

Bin Rakes

The Wellons FEI storage bin is comprised of rakes that are hydraulically driven in order to bring material forward in a reclaim chain or screw conveyor.  Each rake is roughly 5’ wide and 50’ long and can be installed side by side in multiple arrangements in order to give the required storage area.  The rakes slide on special anchors imbedded in the concrete floor of the storage area.  10’ to 20’ high concrete walls make up the perimeter of the bin.  It is always strongly recommended to build a steel building on top of the storage area in order to keep snow and rain off of the pile of material. 

Pile heights will vary with the type of material.  For materials that can be more challenging to move such as bark Wellons will use 10’’ diameter cylinders in order to drive the rakes back and forth.  Typically the fuel heights can reach up to 18’ – 20’

For lighter applications the Wellons FEI bin rake system can be fitted with 8’’ cylinders.  Then the operating level will be closer to a 14’ pile height.

No matter what the bin storage size required, the system can be custom design for the application; it’s just as simple as adding to the number of rakes. 

Bin Levelling screws

For clients that don’t have any loaders or heavy equipment at their facility, Wellons FEI can supply levelling screws that will distribute material inside the bin to take full advantage of the effective area of the bin floor.  This means that the bin can be loaded with a truck with a moving floor system without having to push or handle the fuel afterwards.


Wellons FEI conservatively dimensions conveyors, either using screw or drag chain type in order to bring the biomass to the combustion chamber.  In the past decade Wellons has specialized in conveying and combustion systems that deal with bark as a fuel.  Bark has a lot of sand in it because it’s at the surface of the log and exposed to contamination.  On normal conveyors fabricated with standard carbon steel the bark has a tendency to erode the internal parts of the conveyor in contact with the bark and sand.  After a year or 2 of operation huge repairs might be necessary due to this wear and tear which is unavoidable.  This is why Wellons FEI has adopted as a standard the use of tempered steel on all internal conveyor components.  Tempered steel is 10 to 12 times more resistant to abrasion than standard carbon steel, which simply translates into a longer equipment life span.