Emission Control

Multiple cyclones

In order to clean up the gases from the combustion process before releasing them to the atmosphere Wellons FEI uses multiple cyclones.  The multiple cyclones are a series of small 9’’ cyclones that work together in order to separate 70% to 80% of the particulate from the gas stream.  The turning vanes are what induce the spinning motion of the gases in order to be able to collect the particles through centrifugal force.   Due to the abrasive nature of this action material selection for the tube components is critical. The Wellons FEI multiple cyclone turning vanes are made of special abrasion resistant castings that will last 10 times longer than most other manufacturers that use standard carbon steel for the turning vanes.



The Wellons dry electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is specifically designed for cleaning flue gases from wood-fired energy systems. Our state-of-the-art ESP is reliable, easy to maintain and a quality addition to any plant. Meeting current clean air regulations in a continuous and reliable manner is more important than ever and with a proven Wellons dry ESP, you can be assured of a clean & clear stack.

Rigid discharge electrodes are provided for long life and better gas cleaning. Electric sledgehammer rappers dislodge all types of dry dusts using variable impact intensity and frequency. There are no moving parts in the gas stream, so servicing is done on-line and quickly, outside the ESP.

Fast-acting computer controls save energy and extend equipment life. Integrated casing design for structural stiffening and tight-fitting thermal insulation prevents cold spots and corrosion. Dust is collected and continuously removed by heavy duty ash augers and rotary airlock valves with generous capacity.

Adjustable supports for the rigid electrodes and collecting plates allow easy and quick alignment. This results in more precise electrode tolerances and higher more consistent performance.

Today's environmental regulations include extensive permit application requirements for predicting emissions rates, specifying control and monitoring equipment and establishing design and operating criteria to meet new emission regulations. Wellons provides engineering services to assist customers with these permit application processes.