Wellons FEI supplies biomass fired energy systems to a clientele of commercial and industrial users having substantial energy needs.  These clients are normally located in rural areas were the biomass needed for the energy system is abundant.  The following is a list of principal areas of activity we focus on. 

  • Hospitals have a significant demand in heat load that can be easily supplied by a biomass fired energy system.  Coupled with absorption chillers the system can supply chilled water for air conditioning in the summer.  This type of system can give the client the possibility of operating the biomass energy system year round while saving the electricity normally used for large centrifugal chillers.
  • District energy systems are also a point of interest.  A University Campus or a group of municipal buildings can be grouped together in order to form a district energy system with a central heating plant.  By centralizing the energy system clients are able to save on long term operational costs.  The Wellons FEI system is a perfect match for these applications.
  • Most of the time small elementary or middle schools do not have enough load to be a match for a Wellons FEI stepped grate combustor.  But some of the larger high schools will have a load important enough that the Wellons FEI burner will be a match.    
  • Sawmills and wood remanufacturing plants have always been at the heart of our business.  Most of the core Wellons FEI business has been conducted through this industry in the past few decades.  The sawmill industry uses a lot of the energy produced by the Wellons FEI system to send energy to the dry kilns in order to dry the lumber.
  • Pellet mills, OSB plants, Particle board plants are all potential customers for the Wellons FEI system.  These plants all have one thing in common, they cannot process green wood.  When coupled to a rotary dryer, our system can produce the energy needed to dry the green chips that will then be processed by these plant.
  • Other industrial users that might have a significant demand of energy are for a process or heating.  Industries such as greenhouses, food processing plants, breweries, fixation ovens, etc……
  • Cogeneration; any of the systems mentioned above can be coupled with a small turbine in order to generate electricity as a bi-product.